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How to Get Better Wi-Fi Connection at Home

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How to Get Better Wi-Fi Connection at HomeMany people are using the Wi-Fi connection at home expecting that they can get better connection rather than using the standard smart phone as the portable Wi-Fi. Unfortunately, not all of those people are able to get the things that they have expected. Sometimes, they still get the slow Wi-Fi connection even though at home. If you are also facing the same deal, there are some simple things that you can do to get the better Wi-Fi connection at home. Here are some of those things.

The first one is using the applications that will help you get the better Wi-Fi connection. This one is considered as the simplest one because you can find a lot of different applications for different platform that you can install. However, not all of those applications are able to give you the significant boost because some of them will only give you the small speed booster. The second one is checking on your Wi-Fi security system. This one is important, you can access especially if you never check on the security of your Wi-Fi connection. Some people might have hacked into your Wi-Fi connection that slows down your own connection. To make sure this is not happening, you need to maintain the security of your Wi-Fi connection. You can easily change the password regularly to keep the unwanted visitors off of your Wi-Fi zone.

The last but not least, is using the direct cable. This one is totally conventional and a little bit classic. However, using the LAN cable will give you the boost that you need. Of course, you will not be able to move far, only on the range of the cable, but you can be sure that the connection speed from the LAN cable can be doubled compared with the one that is not using the cable.

How to Deal with Full Internal Problem in Your Smart Phone

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How to Deal with Full Internal Problem in Your Smart PhoneMemory running low is one thing that many people hate to see on their smart phone. Unfortunately, this kind of notification often pops out on many people’s smart phone. Basically, this kind of problem can be easily done just by rooting your phone, but not all of those people want to have the rooted phone. If you are one of those people and you are expecting to have gotten rid of the full memory problem, you can try these things below that can help you to get rid of that notification.

The first thing that you can do is moving the applications from the internal memory to the external memory. That is because the notification will only pop out if the internal memory is running low, not for the external memory. However, you need to know that there are some applications that cannot be moved to the external memory. The next thing that you can do is cleaning up the cache of the applications. Whether you realize it or not, when you are using the applications, you will get some cache files that are totally useless. The more time you use the applications, the more cache files that you will have. This can be totally troublesome since some applications can have up to 300MB of cache files. That is why you need to clean the cache files regularly.

The last one is deleting some data that you do not need anymore such as the unused applications, the duplicated photos and even videos on the internal memory of your phone. By doing all of those things mentioned above, you can be sure that your smart phone will be able to breathe once more and you will not need to worry about the memory running low notification that will pop out on your home screen again.

Buying the Latest Gadget, Is It Necessary?

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Buying the Latest Gadget, Is It Necessary?The development of technology is something that many people cannot stop. Unfortunately, there are some people who think that the technology development is dragging them to buy all of those new inventions in the world of technology. Because of that reason, there is a question saying if the latest gadget is totally important and necessary. If you are also asking the same question, you will need to understand that the newest and latest gadget can be quite important for some people. However, for the others, the new gadget is not that important though. You just need to know the importance of the gadget based on your personal need.

You need to know that the new gadget, especially the smart phone, is not something that changes a lot on the inside. That means most of the time the newly released smart phones are just something that change the outer appearance of the phone itself. When you are looking at the inside, you will notice that the specifications and the parts are remaining similar. If there are changes, you might not find something too big. For example, you bought smart phone XYZ version three last year and today the fourth version is released with the better features. If you check on the you might not find a lot of changes. That is because the newly released smart phone version is just something new to attract the customers. That is why you can find a lot of new smart phones with the similar looking design and specs on the inside of the phone.

For your consideration, if you are only using your smart phone for your daily basis such as contacting your families and friend, using the video call feature, taking photos and some other things like that, you might not need to force yourself to get the latest gadget all of the time. That is because the gadget from one or two years ago is still good enough. However, if you are going to use the gadget for the specific task such as the online and mobile video editing or the music editing, you might want to consider about getting the new smart phone for that kind of need. That is because the update for some of those specifications usually require you to have some specific specs for the phone, especially for the operating system that your phone is using at the time.

Root or Un-Root Your Smart Phone

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In the world of smart phone, many people believe that when they are rooting their smart phone, they will be able to do more things on their smart phone. However, you need to realize that this positive things also has the negative impacts that you need to know. That is one reason why you have to know exactly what will happen to your smart phone if you are rooting it. As an addition, once you have learned about the positive and negative aspects of the root on your smart phone, you will be able to determine if the rooting process is necessary or not to be done.

For the start, you need to know that the root access is considered as something a little bit illegal. That is because you are entering the phone system that is not supposed to be entered. However, since you are the one who own the phone, that is the part that made the illegal is just a little bit. With the full access to your smart phone, you will be able to do more things such as installing the applications that you cannot install before, watching movies on Nontonfilm88 replacing the heavy applications with the light ones, and even set the custom ROM that you want for your personal use. However, because of the full access to the smart phone, that means you will lose the guarantee that your phone has. That means you will not be able to claim the warranty just in case you find some problems on your smart phone after the rooting process.

The next one that you might need to know is related with the performance of your smart phone. It is true that many people want to have a smart phone with a good performance and you can easily get that when you are rooting your smart phone. That is because you can set the power of the processor to run based on the performance that you want. However, this thing also has a side effect. At the beginning, you will surely get the fast processing smart phone. However, if you are doing this kind of thing all of the time, you will drain the power of your smart phone really fast. As an addition, the performance of your smart phone will get worse as the time goes because you are forcing the processor to run on the maximum limit. So, are you going to root your smart phone?

Upgrading Gaming Computer for Beginner

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The computer can be considered as one of the most important console that you need to have if you want to play many different games at home. That is because nowadays you can find a lot of nice PC games. However, to make sure that you are able to play all of those new games in your computer, you have to upgrade your computer to make sure that your computer is good enough to be able to handle all of those games. What if you are a beginner who does not know anything about upgrading your computer? Here are some gaming computer upgrading tips that you can try on your own.

For the start, you need to check the RAM that you have installed on your computer. This one is actually just the additional part that you have in your computer, but the RAM in your computer has the vital function that will let you to play all of those new games in your personal computer. As an addition to that, the RAM is the simplest upgrade that you can do since you just need to buy the bigger capacity and you can easily replace the old one with the new one.

The next thing that you might want to upgrade is the VGA card. This card is something that will help you to run all of those games smoothly. That is because the VGA card will help you with the visual and graphic result while you are playing the games on  Of course, the monitor has the greater effect, but without the proper VGA card, you will not be able to get the smooth display from the game.

The last one is the processor and the motherboard. These two things can be considered as something related each other. That is because the pins on the processor are usually matched with the holes on the motherboard. That is one reason why you might not be able to upgrade the processor without upgrading the motherboard too. Basically, you can still upgrade the processor into the higher ones, but you need to pick the similar series.

That is because if you are choosing the far higher series, the new processor might not fit on the motherboard. Therefore, you need to also understand if the new processor will fit your current motherboard or not. Therefore, you should check the compatibility between the processor and motherboard too.

Things You Will Get after Rooting Your Phone

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Rooting the Android phone is not something taboo again nowadays. That is because many people believed that if they root their Android phone, they would be able to have the better phone that they can customize based on their need. If you are thinking about rooting your Android phone, you might want to know what you will get after the root process.

For the start, you need to know that rooting your Android phone means you are unlocking the main door to the system. That means you will be able to take out the old parts inside the phone and put in the new parts inside. This way, you can easily customize the applications in your smart phone based on your need like visiting

The next thing that you can do is moving the unmovable applications. This one is great for those who want to move the applications from the internal storage to the external storage so that your phone memory will not running low ever again. The last but not least, you can also set the power of your smart phone processor after you rooted your Android device. This one is great for those who want to have the better smart phone by over-clocking the performance of the processor.

Basically, it is true that unlocking the main door will help you to get the access that you want, including the performance boost. However, you need to understand that rooting the smart phone also means that the smart phone will be more fragile. There is bigger chance for your smart phone to be infected with viruses and malwares. As an addition, too much over-clocking your device can also be something bad for the future of your smart phone. Therefore, make sure you do the rooting process wisely or you will end up getting the worse smart phone.

Playing Games on Its Original Console or PC

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Nowadays, you can play almost any kind of game on the personal computer. That is because there are many games that can be played on PC. Even if the games are specified for the specific operating systems and consoles, there are emulators that you can use if you want to play any of those games in your computer. However, there are questions asking if playing a game on the computer is better than playing the game on its original console.

You need to know that there are some positive and negative parts of playing a game on a computer compared with the original console. For the start, you can play more games on a computer or surfing for agen bola because there are a lot of different emulators that you can install on the computer. As the result, you can easily plays a lot of game that you want.

However, some of those emulators might need the specific BIOS file to run and the BIOS file is usually different from the one that you have on your computer. As the result, the performance of the games can be quite annoying. In fact, the game can easily run slower than the actual FPS on its original console.

The next one comes from the graphic, especially on the modern games with the HD graphic. If you want to have the better graphic on a game, you need the modern machine with the modern parts that will support the recommended requirements of the game. This is the problem, since if you do not have one, you can only run the game on the low graphic setting. However, on the original console, you do not need to worry about that. You can still get the good and nice graphics that you want without having to think about the specs of the console.

Windows 10 Failed to Update Hack

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It is something common that the new things usually have a lot of bugs and problems. The same thing can also be said for the new operating system from Microsoft, Windows 10. This operating system can be considered as something quite new because this new operating system was launched few years ago. As the result, there are still a lot of bugs and problems that you need to deal if you are using this operating system on your computer or laptop for browsing

Among all of those problems and bugs that you can find on this operating system, the update fail is the most common one that many users have to deal with. This problem can be considered as something quite annoying because you cannot update the Windows components. As the result, you might find a lot of malfunctions on the Windows 10 operating system that you are running at the time. If you are also facing the same problem, there are some hacks that you might want to do to make sure that your Windows components are up to date.

The first thing that you can do is cleaning up the temporary files that you have in your computer or laptop. On the explorer, you can find a folder where all of the temporary files are stored. Basically, this is not a problem, but if you have been using the Windows 10 for some time and you do a lot of things with your computer that made the folder is full of temporary files, then that is a problem. You need to know that the temporary files cannot be deleted automatically so that you have to delete the files on your own. Therefore, try to delete the unnecessary files and install the upgrade again. It works well for many users.

If the first hack is not that good for your update, you can try the second hack. It is using the manual update or the offline update. This one will surely be the way to update the Windows component in your Windows 10 operating system. However, this one is a bit tricky since you need to update many components and you need to download the offline installation files first. As an addition, you need to make sure that you download the perfectly matched components based on what you need. If you can do that nicely, you can be sure that your Windows components will be updated to perfection.

Four Best Programming and Gaming Laptops

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As a programmer, a laptop that is able to accommodate heavy tasks of programming is crucial. However, most programming laptop are pretty expensive for, which may not be a good news, especially if you are a programmer in a small business.

Thus, we are going to give some recommended and affordable programming and gaming laptop to solve your problem.

The list below will give a brief review on some of the recommended programming and gaming laptop for your daily activities.

• Lenovo ThinkPad Edge 450: the first laptop that can be a good choice for programming is Lenovo ThinkPad Edge 450. Equipped with i7 processor and awesome graphic, this laptop is surely one of the best on the market you can get.

With its long-life battery and chicklet keyboard design, this laptop will surely able to fulfill all needs. For developers in smaller business, this low budget device should be put on your must-have list. It also has louder audio and durable design, which is good for those who are slightly clumsy. However, the screen brightness is slightly below average.

Asus K501UX

• Asus K501UX-AH71: this laptop can be considered one of the best on the market when it comes for gaming and programming. It comes with sliver and classic black metal color. This classy yet simple laptop is the best in multitasking, which is a great news for those who tend to open various program at the same time.

The display quality is very good and it is equipped with a good SSD and magnificent video card. This laptop also has an adequate system memory and decent processor. However, the battery life is pretty modest and the storage space is not too big.

• HP Pavilion 13-s128nr: this laptop is one among the best programming laptop released by HP. It has several features that will support your activity very well without taking too much money from your pocket.

The agen bola terpercaya highlight of this laptop is 360 degree screen that enhance the versatility of this laptop. The battery life is above average and it has a clear and strong audio, suitable for those who love to watch movies. Some drawbacks of this laptop are the stiff touchpad and the display does not render some color very well.

Acer Aspire E5

• Acer Aspire E5-573G: if you are looking for a user friendly programming laptop, this product is your solution. Despite its affordable price, this laptop is able to give the best performance for gaming and programming.

It comes with matte screen and great design with its clean, smooth, and stylish look, which become its strong point. The application performance is pretty decent for its price and the input devices are pretty good. However, in battery mode, the display may be slightly dimmed and it has no hatch for maintenance.

Those are several recommended laptops that are good for gaming and programming. These products are not too pricey, so you do not have to save up for a long time to purchase your dream laptop. With every features each product offers, you will experience a better daily programming and gaming.